UCT delivers effective, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly energy solutions. We provide services include wastewater treatment, organic waste processing, biogas power generation and the conversion of waste into valuable resources. By improving water quality, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, and maximizing circularity through reuse, we develop a sustainable future. Beyond technological research and innovation, our commitment extends to environmental protection and social responsibility. Through active promotion of the green economy, we strive to reduce environmental risks, combat ecological degradation, and elevate human well-being. We assist clients in establishing a profitable business model that prioritizes sustainable development.



Full recycling



Wastewater Treatment

Design and construct reliable wastewater treatment processes based on wastewater characteristics, optimize processing efficiency, and maximize product value.

GFS Construction Engineering

Safe and reliable glass-fused-to-steel tank, suitable for various water treatment applications. Quick assembly and long service life, customizable in various specifications according to specific purposes for use across different industries.

Organic Waste Processing

Organic waste co-processing involves the treatment of various organic materials, including poultry and livestock manure, agricultural waste, food waste, and more. The planning of equipment and facility for organic waste, encompassing the design of material pre-treatment systems, anaerobic digestion systems, and aerobic composting treatments.

Biogas Power Generation

The biogas generated from waste is converted and utilized as valuable thermal and electrical energy.



Glass Fused to Steel Anaerobic Digestion Tank


Glass Fused to Steel(GFS) tank is made of titanium alloy and steel. The high strength steel plate is coated with glaze and then sintered at high temperature, forming a highly inert protective layer on the surface. The GFS tank is durable and highly resistant to corrosion, wear and impact.


Vertical Composting System


Vertical Composting System can process a wide range of organic wastes, including livestock manure, food waste and organic sludge. The composting process requires no extra auxiliary materials. With an airtight processing space, the system can reduce heat loss and result in better efficiency. Under aerobic conditions, the system decomposes organic materials and evaporates water to produce high-quality organic fertilizer with water content of 30-40%.

Shaft Agitator


The shaft agitators are imported from Germany, Japan, and the U.S.A., which are distributed by Universe Circular Technology. That has been specially designed for steel tanks to optimize the biological processes in fermenters and end storage tanks with nearly constant substrate levels.

Circular agriculture : Eco-Friendly Rice


UCT processes livestock manure in a resourceful manner, enhancing existing wastewater facilities through anaerobic digestion tanks, biogas storage, desulfurization, and biogas generators to convert biogas into thermal and electrical energy. By utilizing biogas for green energy production and reducing carbon emissions, we also generate organic fertilizers for farmers’ use. Furthermore, we irrigate rice fields with the treated water. The rice represents our vision of building a circular economy.




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